how to be a happy/ lucrative artist today imo, a thread...
art is a living dialogue, are u speaking it? are you moving the conversation forward? i think the easiest way to know is that u have no choice. u are a creator. now that u are here it is quite difficult to make it in the traditional/ digital/ all art worlds. so i hope this helps
i recommend diversification for all artists. make what is authentic to you in any and all mediums. learn the community/ how the community works and what works in that community. you don’t need to do all. do what feels right. authenticity/ honesty in work is always interesting.
u don’t need to be everything to everyone. focus is a great way to build your personal brand that will ultimately allow you to diversify. and make sure to build a community, it takes more than just you no matter how talented, amazing you r, great art careers are a group effort.
the number one fail safe when it all seams confusing is just to create! it’e the major key to not just becoming successful but to healing/ exploring yourself. cuz no matter what ur art is tied to you and this is why art is so important.
the more you heal/ explore/ create from that pure/ real space, the more we can affect/ change the world at large. create a new world w all of our unique and important stories. its why i love art and all the ppl who help art. i love you. 💕
if u do it right your legacy will inspire/ change the world. it will last well beyond your life and can be the example for so many. its our great responsibility to create the new world, work of art by work of art.
do your homework. learn ur market, who’s buying, what platforms have good curation and align to your values/ goals. in the traditional world one good collector/ curator can help your trajectory in a major way.
allow urself to fail while learning look at it all as an exploration into the current state of the human soul. artists reflect some of the most important truth’s/ questions and those continue to inform/ form us as a society.
gaming ur market is a very dangerous/ bad look for you and your art. unless those gamers are going to do that for your entire life, i suggest slowly and surely creating a real market w real value and provenance in those prices of your work.
eg. if ur work sells at auction for an amount and noone buys your work for that again its a problem. it can make ur work seam valueless. i’ve seen this gaming destroy some artists in the traditional world as well as the new digital space. so slow and sure w your prices.
all in all its all g. as ling as u create and build a community and take ur tine and never stop, you can make it. you can defy all odds and be a happy non starving artist... maybe. happy creating and love.
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