LOL is starbucks in with Russia too tho

I mean

tag-teaming with trump...


I'm not Goth Enough to find this funny.


Even my obama sim card/account is still being fucked with.

Someone else changed my address. And requested a new sim/tablet.

So I changed it back.

Still haven't gotten the sim/tablet.
I filed my taxes a couple months ago.

I still haven't gotten my return.

When I try to order food, my card/account suddenly gets "disabled"

Again. A full 12 months of this.
I'm so Pissed at the US government.
I was even fucked with while trying to vote.

I still voted, though.

Still pissed at the US government, and maybe Canada too at this point I can't tell.

STILL want my Canadian passport though!!

Even phonecalls from Canada about my passport have been blocked. 🙃

And no one is telling me why.
The fucker that starbucks hired, pretending to be a barista?

Before I quit?

Told me I had "a lot of money, but that I'd be dead in 3 months anyway" and he mentioned my family and friends.

That I never told him about.
I point-blank asked if he was military because he responded to my stories about Iraqi refugees like a psychopath would.

His face went blank.

He just "no, only ever customer service"

He knew about things that were in my apartment that I never told him about.
When I talked about the man I fell in love with at work?

He just slimy like "sHe'S cAlMeR wHeN sHe HaS a LoVe InTeReSt" and then...

He'd somehow know when I spent time with that man.

And he'd slimy-like try to put himself inbetween us.
I have No Idea who that creep that starbucks hired actually is.

His first "name" was John. Y'all know that's not his real name.

83rd and Aurora in Seattle.
Someone needs to whistleblow his involvement in what was going on in D.C. in that article I tweeted awhile back, because that happened in Seattle, too.

And only while he was on the clock.
He and some other fucker named Emily. Or Emmy.

I give no Fucks.

Just. Fix. It.
He showed up at my apartment building after I quit--after death threats--pretending to be part of the construction crew. When covid restrictions were still in place, and there *weren't working crews* at the time.
He followed me on the E Line in Seattle once, staggered up from the back of the bus so drunk that he missed his bus stop and I thought he was going to need help getting off the bus.

He reeked of alcohol.
I actually offered to give him the meds I had left from when I got poked by a used drug needle, because he claimed to be dangerously promiscuous and like...

I didn't know who he was.

I thought he needed a babysitter.

I actually gave him a pepper spray for his walks home.
He knew what I was texting friends about--and then when I'd come back into the cafe after my breaks, he'd be talking to coworkers about what I was texting my friends.

Then he claimed I was paranoid.

Nah. I figured out how he "hacked" my phone.

He didn't hack shit.
Sim clone/passwords he stole after searching my bag at work.

Y'all remember me talking about how my bag was searched, and my password book was in there...

Yep. Compromised google account. Backed by starbucks. And fuckall else.
I'd had a face cream I used in my backpack--never pulled it out at work.

I went to my bus stop one night, and there was a tube of that same cream (an expensive cream, that no one in that area of Seattle is going to use) was on the ground.
He stood by it, gave a slimy smile when I noticed it, and like...accused me of being paranoid.
I told him I'd caught my medical records being fucked with.

I think he was behind altering them.

Someone altered my medical records.

. @FBI he better not be one of yours.

Add that to my coordinated stalking campaign report that y'all keep glomaring me on updates. -_-
Last time I called the @FBISeattle for updates on their investigation, I got transferred to D.C.

Then LOL glomar'd.

Does anyone know what's in Stevenson, WA?

Cuz that's where my 2FA account geolocated last year.


I've never been there.

I also got two random texts from "Starbuck, WA"

WA apparently has a city called "Starbuck"

Dunno what's located there, either. Or why I got texts.
That slimy motherfucker also apparently accused me of wanting to be a guy, but not being girly enough, of being autistic (he would "dance" at work like "it's ok to stim!") and like

I have ADHD. I'm not autistic.

This was all At. Starbucks.

I still don't know who/why.
I also still don't know why shit's still so fucked up.
"Emmy" was also part of it like, "it's ok to be bi!"


At *starbucks* at *work* and she'd talk about how I apparently had a "baby daddy"???


LOL I've never had kids. And I rarely worked with these people.

Or talked to them.

This is such a clusterfuck.

LOL I'm straight. I'm cis.

It's no one's business, though, unless I choose for it to be.

ESPECIALLY not two assholes pretending to be baristas at a starbucks.

The duress crimes committed...
That slimy motherfucker threatened to drug me.

At starbucks.

For whatever he thought--while claiming to only ever be a barista--I'd need "drugged" for.

At Starbucks.

And he did so on camera.

They both did this *on camera*

Good. Fucking. Luck, @Starbucks
Like...I told the guy to leave me alone.

Before I quit.

Multiple times.
Then he showed up at my apartment after I quit.

And shit just got even more fucked up.

I'd kill him myself if I could.

Waiting on the @FBI for some reason tho.
Before I officially quit starbucks, he and that woman would set stuff up in the back of the cafe like...putting a knife in the dirty dish sink right before I'd get over to it.

So if I hadn't been paying attention?

They also changed around metal bits on the ice bin so that if you grabbed the handle wrong, you'd end up cutting your literal wrist.

I kept reporting it and changing out the metal because it wasn't just me working there, and not just me using that ice bin. But nah.
Y'all that slimy creep knew what dress I wore to go turn in my first @FBI report last year.

He mentioned it at work.

I hadn't told him I was going to the FBI.
I was trying to be "presentable" because I was afraid that if my Goth ass showed up to report a coordinated stalking campaign at the FBI's office, I'd be arrested just because wearing all black.

And I'm white.

EEEEEW y'all that slimy motherfucker technically sexually harassed me at work, now that I think about some of the comments he made.

And I wasn't the only one!!!!
EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW and then he was like, "did you like how you looked in that dress?"

And I just (gagged) and like, "Um...yes? I looked Good goddmanit!!"

And he?


"oh. okay, I just needed to make sure."

Like I said the first time about all of this months ago.
LOL that slimy motherfucker knew how I made food at home.

He tried to "coach" me about how I made my breakfast food.

I never talked about that at work.

And why the FUUUUUCK would that matter to him?

He also made comments about my handwashing habits.

From my own home. 🙃
He made comments about how I did/didn't wash dishes at home...when he was at work.

How I did/didn't do laundry.

At work.

Things I never talked about at work, especially with him. Because eew.

Psychopath. I don't talk to psychopaths.
And he's a good psychopath because I'm trained to see that shit, and it took me until a couple weeks before I quit to realise he's a literal psychopath.
The last day I was at starbucks?

That emmy lady?

Intentionally ordered her drink wrong, had it re-made when I handed it to her, then she just went, "Guess I was wrong!" and she wasn't talking about her drink.


They both also have a really unhealthy pre-occupation with bugs.

And he would literally try to discourage my love of infosec and quantum physics when I would try to study on my breaks.
And both of them claimed I was "frozen" because I refused to be promiscuous.

oooooh I hope I'm burning starbucks to the ground right now.
Y'all...this slimy motherfucker even somehow had access to a drone to use and one night he slimed his way out to my bus stop with me and was like, "aw, look it's raining!" -_-
And my friend was like..."'s not supposed to rain, and it's not raining anywhere else, I just walked over here from a couple blocks away."


What. Thee. Fuck. have I been dealing with the last 12 months?!!!

(That's rhetorical, *I* already know. just waiting on my whistleblowers to unfuck shit. Or fuck it up. Or both.)
Corner of 83rd and Aurora in North Seattle, whoever tracks drone use there, btw.
This creep even started dressing like me when I came back from the first covid lockdown last year. He was scrawny before lockdown, and when I came back he'd started wearing clothes like me to work, and put on like 30lbs.

He's so gross.
I'm afraid to ask old coworkers if he's still there at the cafe because he shouldn't be around anyone...ever.

He kept commenting before I quit like, "I can't wait until I don't have to come in here anymore" like

Arrest the fucker already. If you haven't yet.
Probably has an Italian last name. He let that slip, too.
LOL there was also mention of my personal finances.

I mean.

Yet another thing I never talked about at work.

But my bank info was in my password book so🙃
There was also some really fucked up implication that I was under guardianship? Or some kinda weird shit that like...

Didn't even know was a thing in the US.

Or why I'm still dealing with this.
Or why LOL it looks like my family and friends might even still be dealing with bullshit.

They might not know it.
I just...I'll randomly update stuff, fill friends in on what's been going on, and like, outloud in my living room just

"...I'm SO PISSED OFF at the FBI right now!!!"
If you can hear it over my infosec/ @Snowden videos, too bad.
Where's my Canadian passport.

Almost all of the cool shit that's happened over the last 12 months that actually *helped* has been somehow linked to Canada.
There have been creepy ass fuckers around my apartment building who, over the last few months, have tried to talk to me like they were talking to a toddler.

Like, "Oh Hi! I like bugs! Do you?!"

They were Grown.

This is so fucking weird.
I had to adjust myself to respond to them, because I thought..."oh shit...they're actually developmentally delayed, I can't tell them off like I would an adult..."

I've lived in Tacoma for over 10 years and the last 12 can't make this shit up but it sounds made-up.
No shit, I started writing a book.

I mean, just notes, with stuff changed, because otherwise it's too wild and people wouldn't read it because it's TOO wild.

But definitely pages and pages of notes for a book someday.
There have also been some really creepy old guys like

I'm trying to figure out how to tweet just how fucked things have been without immediate gaslighting...

It's not working.
I've been so ready for Canada that I already packed the things I wanted to keep, and gave away the rest.

Always been a light packer, but...would've waited a bit longer if I'd known it'd take this long. 🙃

Now I'm just like...what's the holdup tho
lol one night that slimy motherfucker from work followed me to my bus stop and I made a comment about Amazon, and I just popped off like,

"Amazon is just Wal-Mart 2.0 but online"

Shit got even scarier after I said that.

In case you needed to know more about his background.
My cat started getting sick by what was making me sick in my apartment last year.

When I took her to the vet the second time, some slimy motherfucker on the sidewalk was like, "at least she's wearing *jeans* and like
My black clothes were dirty. I had one pair of jeans that I hate.

That slimy motherfucker at work was even like, "you should dress differently."

The Nazis in Seattle/Tacoma are worse than I thought.
I got shit for liking the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" books.

You know the history of the author of those books?

Look it up.
For everyone else (yes, that was D.C. passive-aggression I just used)...

The author of that book hunted Nazis. And anyone who abused women.
The last day I was at work, that slimy motherfucker started in on how I needed to "double-filter my language"

Because a "grown ass boy" couldn't handle the Fuck word.

He had a customer pop off on him one night, and he ran into the back of the cafe like a small hide behind one of the women.

She and I had to go out and handle the situation ourselves. While he hid in the back.
Two women had to go out and handle shit.

And he couldn't handle me saying the Fuck word.
If he was ever military, I dunno how he didn't get his ass whooped there.

I'd get along just fine with Marines.
He'd also started--aside from trying to get me to hurt myself and worse at work--trying to get me to have an obvious freak-out to make it look like I was the problem.

Does this sound like the behaviour of an adult?

At all?

Of course not.
Again, this was all after his comment of "yeah you have all this money but you'll be dead in 3 months anyway"

I did, however, start doing some D.C.-style passive-aggression at work on those who were harassing me.

Then that slimy motherfucker at work was like, "Everything you do is a political statement"
The only people with that much energy aren't us ADHDers, it's literal D.C. assholes.

Like...there's too much shit to do at starbucks.

Sometimes you accidentally drop shit.
Especially when you have ADHD and you have this creepy fucker following you around the cafe trying to push all your buttons.
When I knew my backpack was being searched (with all my worker's rights info on passing worker's rights laws in WA state!!!) I took everything out, and replaced it with the definition of gaslighting.

When my backpack kept getting searched, and that creep at work along with the fucker he was working with (that fucked up lady), started in on trying to separate me and my coworker friends? By telling them "personal info" about me that was *made up*?
I added the definition of a Duress Crime.

And when THAT didn't work?

That slimy motherfucker *at work* accused me of having a manifesto. Like...literally blowing up starbucks manifesto. LOL y'all

Give starbucks to the baristas.

Burn shit down LIKE THAT.
Then go V for Vendetta on trump.
lol that slimy fucker started off trying to "mirror" me at work when he first started.

I was so confused...because he was "mirroring" something that wasn't me. At. All.
That was when I actually sat him down on a break one day and like...treated him like I would a teenager, and was like "If you're gonna go be that promiscuous, you need to know basic sex ed to keep yourself and others safe" like


He started in on one of my coworkers who was trying to figure out his sexuality.

At work.

By encouraging him to go just "get laid" like

This kid was barely 20. That creepy fucker was like...40? Pretending to be in his 20's.
While trying to keep me from who I fell in love with. All KINDS of Duress Crimes. And if I can ever actually ya know CONTACT A LAWYER, a bunch of other crimes as well.

Imma take a break from whistleblowing EVEN MORE because like...

And like...why the fuck is who I love even part of this.

And why does that creepy fucker have any say?!
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