I hope Western audiences condemn the dangerous rhetoric of a third intifada, which is going to be a disaster for Palestinians. It's going to be bad for Israel too but Israel is better prepared today than it was in first two intifadas. Terrorism won't get Palestinians anywhere.
A third intifada will likely end any remaining chances of there being a future Palestinian state. Israel's patience has been running out over the years thanks to the perpetual war imposed on it. Many Israelis have already stopped caring about what int'l community has to say.
If terrorism could get Palestinians their state, they would have gotten it decades ago. But fact is terrorism will erode any remaining chances of peace. We need to build upon Abraham Accords and push corrupt Palestinian leadership towards direct negotiations with Israel.
The only real ideal solution here is the two state solution, but cannot happen as long as Palestinian leadership keep financing terrorism and keep inciting violence against Israel and keep rejecting peace proposals in the false hope that one day Israel will disappear. It won't.
The real problem since day one has not been the settlements, Jerusalem, al-Aqsa or the occupation. The real problem has always been the complete rejection of right to Jewish self-determination by Palestinians/Arabs and the consistent refusal to coexist side by side with Israel.
I refuse to concede that settlements are the real problem here. Settlements are a consequence of perpetual war. There were no settlements in 1948. Also, Israel has proved in the past that it can remove settlements if it wants to, as it did in Gaza. But we all know how that ended.
We can discuss settlements when Palestinian leaders come to the negotiations table. Israel's primary concern has always been its security, and if that is guaranteed, settlements could be discussed. But can anyone guarantee Israel's security? Even the US? Nope. Only Israel can.
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