today's news re:  being used as a scapegoat in the Epic/Apple lawsuit is a good reminder that Apple's puritanical stance is not only a danger to services directly under their umbrella but in fact any services they want, really
they don't have to be Apple apps or whatever. Apple can just say "well this app that you have allows people to access another service that has Undesireable Content on it" and suddenly there is real, actual crosshairs being placed on anything that Apple wants
it is imperative to recognize that sites like itch, while they're great for many reasons, are also great because they allow adult content. Not "in spite of", BECAUSE. Adult content is good and important on its own merits, actually. Yes, even the stuff that makes you squicky.
It doesn't take too long of a perusal down any history book to see that any attempts to clamp down on pornography end up affecting any people who end up outside the range of allowed normalcy - queers, racial minorities, disabled folks, whatever. Often that's the actual goal!
what Apple is doing (& has been doing) is not new or novel, what Paypal is doing (& has been doing) is not new or novel, none of this shit ever is. They're the rotten, puritanical ghosts of who-knows-how-many rightwing fundamentalist movements this wretched country has spawned
I don't really have sympathy for anyone involved directly in this lawsuit, frankly, and least of which the actual courts themselves, which clearly are so incredibly out of their league that it makes this sham look like even more of a sham than it is
Apple is not going to give a shit whether or not the adult content being targeted is 'wholesome' or not and you shouldn't give a shit either
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