2. I think this material was likely obtained under Stored Communications Act. As far as I can see FBI was not obligated to make a disclosure. The July 2017 WAPO article was a red flag. No surprise to me they sought the meta data records.
3. Why are they posting this now? My first thought is that they are about to drop a major indictment on the espionage surrounding the Trump 2016 campaign and they are simply giving the @washingtonpost a heads up. A courtesy.
4. Remember, Giuliani was also leaking FISA related matters in 2016. I'm comforted by the fact that they appear to be moving forward on these leaks. And in my quick read of the June and July WAPO reports I noticed something interesting. The person
5. who was running this in the Obama Whitehouse is somebody who might be in a position to do something about the espionage? Lisa Monaco. Merrick Garland's deputy
6. I went back to my material on the meeting with Kislyak at the Mayflower. There is a good chance that during a cocktail party, Trump agreed to accept Putin's assistance in the election in exchange for agreement to remove sanctions. Sessions should stay away from upper floors.
7. You might recall that when the Russians met with Trump's team on June 9 at Trump tower, the Russians reminded them of the other help that Russia had promised. That was just a few weeks after the Mayflower meeting.
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