After spending the last 2+ years learning about the uranium industry I'll say it is the most broken, dysfunctional, opaque, complex market I've ever seen.

If we truly get a nuclear renaissance, which we'll need if we are going to be serious about reducing carbon emissions...
...I think this market owes it to the world to increase transparency and efficiency. The fuel cycle is long, complex, and super slow moving both on supply and demand, but uranium is the ultimate in fuel density. There is no reason why there shouldn't be a robust, functioning... market. There's a complicated cartel history which has polluted the way the market functions and the legacy is a ridiculous hodgepodge of don't ask/don't tell BS that has distorted what should be one of the most pure energy markets in the world.
I'll close this with a public service announcement for @AOC and the other "environmentalists" that claim to care about reducing carbon emissions STOP PREMATURELY CLOSING NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS

our nuclear power plants are a national treasure generating ~ 20% of our electricity
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