Oh noes. I might have to do it. 🤭
@mattgaetz @RepMTG you better bring your A game.
Christ, here we go.
66.6% OFF!
Just listening to these braindead community college journalism dropouts vacuously droning on and noticed what looks exactly like Baked Alaska weighing in, but I’m pretty sure he’s in jail.

Anyway, Florida seniors, Nick Fuentes is the one for you! 😑
RSBN is such a clown show. Here’s a wingnut candidate for Congress sneaking this reporter’s digits.

Also, I has a prediction! The signs are going to be trouble. 😂
Listen to this guy try his mightiest to cover for these to criminals.
“You know you’re doing something right” ... when you get nabbed for statutory rape, sex trafficking and sedition.
Please listen to the inspiring preacher rile this crowd up with his true connection with the Lord! 😬
So the beginning is “God Bless you guys.” OK
The end is “Thank you so much.” OK
Everything in the middle: 😳
Marjorie has feelings about socialism.
Marjorie wants everyone to know that “real people” “aren’t in debt... we pay our bills.”
Ugh, this is just like 20 minutes of Marjorie bragging about being an enormous pain in the ass in Congress.
Of COURSE it is time to impeach @JoeBiden 🤷‍♂️
Ironically, she is not describing Donald Trump’s incitement and the insurrection she helped plan... this is somehow about Maxine Waters. 🤷‍♂️
In this clip @RepMTG empathizes with a bunch of retirees for getting called “insurrectionist” by “the media.”
Yes Margie, this is precisely why we dropped kicked your Umber Fuhrer out of office.
The Mighty Forehead has arrived.
“I’m a Florida man.”
Yes @mattgaetz, yes you are.
Here Mr. Forehead slobbers all over the man who *could have pardoned him* but instead @mattgaetz will spend an extremely long time in prison.

Also, Matty, countdown to Trump “abandoning” you in... [checks phone] he already did.
Matty’s immigration plans include fighting the “corporate woketopians.”
OK, Matt we heard your stupid made up word the first time.
Here’s the part where Matt, who is facing decades behind bars for sex crimes, gets the retirees all riled up.
. @mattgaetz, you forgot to mention that you could “not control” YOURSELF.
Keep Galileo’s name out of your mouth, asshole.
Yeah, you’re right @mattgaetz the “internet hall monitors” whatever that is might not be able to cancel you, but the Motherfucking United States Justice System sure can.
Come for the straight up QAnon horseshit, stay for the #SparklingCamerawork @RSBNetwork is known for. 😂
Hey @JosephJFlynn1 and #ShitholeLawyer, since you’re paying attention, how do you feel about accused child sex trafficker @mattgaetz talking about Mike’s love of Russia?

“The Deep State is REAL” 😂
“Thank god for Project Veritas.”
<Erik Prince has entered the chat>
This literal seditionist decries Liz Cheney’s support of “every war.”
Also, shot:
In front a room full of retirees, many of whom are veterans, this #FascistStumblefuck makes this... joke.
We have entered the Imitiation @TuckerCarlson white supremacy portion of the festivities.
Listen, I spend far too much time in the worst corners of the internet, specifically neo-nazi @telegram chats.

There is zero, and I mean ZERO, difference between this rhetoric and what I see there.

OK, he is saying “refill” instead of “replace.” 😑
We should listen to this racist story because of a guy who “tackled OJ.”

How is this real?
“After all, that’s what we were promised.” 😂

Also, I need to see a lot of memes of this classic exit stumblefuckery. omfg 😂
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