So just hear me out on Rashod Bateman (at least in 2021)...

Let's just look at this like it is another 16 gm season to compare to previous seasons and other plays.

I gave Jackson 485 passing attempts (109 more than in 2020 & 84 more than 2019) - that would be a wild jump.

Then I looked at target share...

Marquise Brown had 29% of the target share in 2020, I reduced that all of the way down to 19% for 2021!

Mark Andrews had 23.5% of the target share & missed 2 games... & I reduced his down to 22% for 2021 (unlikely it actually goes down BTW)
I gave Sammy Watkins only 11% of the target share, JK Dobbins only 8% of the target share, Miles Boykin only 7% of the target share, and gave guys like Duvernay, Wallace, Boyle, and Oliver less than 4% of the target share for 2021

and these were the final targets ...
Mark Andrews - 107
Marquise Brown - 92
Rashod Bateman - 87
Sammy Watkins - 53
JK Dobbins - 39
Gus Edwards - 12
Miles Boykin - 34
Devin Duvernay - 19
Tylan Wallace - 15
Nick Boyle - 15
Josh Oliver - 10

...& this is with no one else even getting a single target (not gonna happen)
Even if Rashod Bateman averaged 14.5 yds/rec (more than any player on the Ravens in 2020 & just a higher number in general)

And had 7 receiving TDs (generous)

He would end with 187 fantasy points in PPR - 11.6 pts/game

... that is what Nelson Agholor ended with last year.
And that is with being extremely nice in every single area to get him those targets, yards, and touchdowns.

Obviously, injuries can happen, and if Andrews or Brown were to miss a chunk of games, that would clearly help... but that is basically what you need to happen.
oh, I forgot to add, I gave Bateman a 68 catch%...

which in all honesty, is not very realistic... especially if his aDOT is high enough to be averaging 14.5 yds/rec
I also want to be clear...

I think Rashod Bateman is an AWESOME talent. I also think he is an AWESOME addition for the Ravens.

I had Bateman ranked very high in my pre-draft rankings... and I still have him as a late 1st round rookie pick.

We just might have to be patient.
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