1. I think it just comes down to numbers. Trump did something that I recognized in the 1980's was possible: Come out at a Nazi. Real hate. No more dog whistles. Just pure hate. The reason I knew it might work is because the people who agree with this hate rhetoric https://twitter.com/BenjySarlin/status/1390675874975035393
2. historically did not vote in large numbers. Many were unregistered. So Trump's hate effectively increased the voting participation of this large fringe electorate. The primaries were the proof the GOP was primed. As Trump's name recognition and advancing tide of Nazi hate grew
3. @TheDemocrats sat by and simply rested on the belief that Trump could not win. But I saw the Russians in this by July 2016. We limped to the finish line never taking seriously the threat Trump posed and the Koch's boy Comey put the final bullet in our Republic's head by
4. violating clear policy and doing it close enough to the election that the turnout fall was unrecoverable. So Trump won. But I thought Trump would do what most politicians would do and moderate and swing to bring less radical elements to his side and let pros run the
5. administration but he was actually a committed Nazi. He's anti-American and made it clear it was okay to be anti-American too. GOP became a radical extremist group GQP based on a growing cult of personality. As the traditional GOP left the party more of the extreme
6. anti-American fringe filled in the void. The massive turnout in the 2020 race was evidence that Trump was successful in tapping into a significant new source of electoral power. The down-side is that there is no longer any place for traditional GOP like @Liz_Cheney or any
7. other "conservative." By any measure, Trump GQP is now a fully matured domestic terrorist organization. They don't believe in democracy. Don't believe in racial equality and believe that violence is justified to get their way. They are functionally indistinguishable from ISIS.
8. We won't get a second chance to stop this. Merrick Garland took the job. It is his responsibility to address the threat that the Trump/Kremlin/Nazi/GQP poses to the survival of the republic. I am confident he will charge Trump and the members of Congress who
9. committed crimes on Jan 6. None are immune. Seven GQP Senators and about 100 GQP House members can and must be charged. We can save American from #TrumpISIS. But we will only get one chance to do it.
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