Jughead was confirmed as aroace in the Comics by Mark Waid and acephobes bullied him off of twitter for it. There is such thing as aroace gays and you probably know many of them https://twitter.com/cameronfryess/status/1390737986539556866
The dude who wrote the best daredevil run in the past 30 years didnt get run off of twitter by people who hate asexuals for literally no reason for you to just decide that hes not canonically lgbt+
Sorry, continuing this thread an hour later; there is so little lgbt representation in comics, and all media, denying the little bit of representation we do get because you have internal biases is really fucked up. Mark Waid did that because he wanted to give us representation
Going “hes not gay so hes not good enough representation” when comic editors are genuinely against making any character anything but cishet is really fucked up. Someone else’s representation isnt tablescraps because it doesnt apply to you, so dont act like it
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