of all the correct (key word here) macro physics "discoveries" almost 100% were in the bible already. The only difference is they didn't use equations to model them
when it comes to how to live your life, so like psychology, sociology, etc. in a way that's prosperous, all that in the bible too.
At some point redditors will actually read it and stop coping. Most of them lack the verbal acuity to grasp some of the passages' wisdom, but yeah at some point you just have to come to grips with the facts here
Im not even a super Christian. I was raise raised Christian, was an atheist know-it-all redditor type for a brief stint, but fundamentally you start to see too many "coincidences"
Since I was raised fundamentalist prot, I had to read the bible every single day before bed. Ive read it cover to cover multiple times. I also for a while had preaching tapes played while I slept (kind of liked that tho).
no exaggeration: pretty much daily I read some study or have some life event where I gain some wisdom and I can recite the corresponding bible verse on the spot.

It's most printed book in history for a reason
Even if you want to be a monist or materialist (Im the former) I believe it was divinely inspired and universe is one substance with God, even still humans then were as smarter (arguably smarter) than we are now. Check brain mass studies on dead persons
If this is the case you look fucking moronic discrediting the bible on the basis it is written using the language and symbolism of a previous paradigm. Bible is high verbal IQ paradigm. We're in autistic systemic reasoning IQ paradigm. Same truths. nothing new under the sun
If anything, the previous paradigm is better bc more of the population can decipher the truths found in the bible than they can from the autistic mathematical models of the universe.
Fortunately for you, you have me and I can do both.
also if you want some tl;dr even tho he can be cringe boomer sometimes, Jordan Peterson's biblical lectures are top knotch theology.
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