To truly understand the Arizona fake vote "audit," it's important to know it's a chaotic mess by design. It's theater of the possible, to showcase for the right what stealing an election in the future could look like.
It's true that the entire vote-counting "audit" in Maricopa is a clown show that only serves to undermine faith in election systems. That's the point of it!
The conspiracy theories, lack of security and MAGA clownshow antics? All deliberate. They want the process to be undignified and ridiculous, because that helps the goal of undermining the system.
Liberals get caught up in questions of how right wingers can believe such idiotic things. But the real question is not how, but why. They aren't interested in facts, and beliefs are what is useful more than what is true.
Liberals laugh at the MAGA nonsense in Arizona, because it's all so silly. But what Republicans understand is if they get enough power, they get to decide what is and isn't "silly".
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