what is zionism?

zionism is a racist settler-colonial ideology that advocates for a jewish ethnostate built on palestinian land. zionism as an ideology is inherently anti-palestine because it is only feasible through the ethnic cleansing and constant uprooting of the- (1/9)
palestinian people. zionist founders admitted that zionism is a settler-colonial project and that in order for a jewish state to be established, the palestinians need to be ethnically cleansed from their homes and homeland.
i recommend reading the diaries and writings of- (2/9)
early zionist founders — theodor herzl, ze'ev jabotinsky, david ben-gurion, and more, to understand how they advocated for ethnic cleansing of palestinians.

for a jewish state to exist, there needs to be a jewish demographic majority; this means that palestinians will- (3/9)
given the right of return. despite what zionists claim, palestinians will also never be equal citizens under the state of israel — liberation is the only solution to peace. (4/9)
is anti-zionism antisemitic?

no. anti-zionism is a stance taken by palestinians, and by non-palestinians in solidarity with the palestinian people. while some anti-zionists can be antisemitic (just as some zionists can be antisemitic), the position itself is not. it is (5/9)
also not antisemitic to criticize israeli policies.

ilan pappé, an anti-zionist jewish israeli historian, explains in better detail on why anti-zionism is not antisemitism in this debate — 'debate: anti-zionism is anti-semitism'. it's an hour long debate that i really (6/9)
recommend watching. (7/9)
antisemitism is weaponized against palestinians and allies who stand up for palestinian human rights by zionists as a way to shut down criticism of israel. by saying that anti-zionism is antisemitism, zionists label all palestinians as antisemites for not wanting to be (8/9)
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