So if yall havent read my last thread
Go read that shitt to be caught up with this thread. But let's get into itttt
So me and terrell was out at the mall and we was chilling in the food court as always. I was talking and I realized that he wasnt paying any attention to him and it seemed like he was lookin at sum
Me:bae what you looking at
Me:you not listening to me
T:mb continue
So I continued to talk and he still wasnt paying me no mind so I looked at what he was looking at and it was this oily couple
Me:why you staring a them
T:ion know
Me:what's wrong terrell
T:I've been wanting to talk to you bout sum
Me:what's up.
T:so me and deshawn was talking
And we wanna try being poly
T:like the 3 of us dating
Me:wouldnt that be weird
T:ion think so
Me:and you cool with it
Me:I mean I guess so
Also me:it would be fun to try sum new
T:aight imma go call him
So I was there like 😐I'm gonna have 2 niggas
FF terrell dropped me off at my bsf house cuz we was gonna have a lil girls night
Me:I'm lowkey scared cuz what if sum go wrong do I break up with both of em or just one
Hg:ion even know ms girl
Me:if I call terrell daddy wtf am I gonna call deshawn
Hg:you really worried about
Hg:well I think that's sum that you should talk bout with them
Me:imma make a gc with both of them
So I made the gc and I put deshawn and terrell in and I texted it saying "hey daddys😩" they ass texted back in like 2 mins like they must really like me. But after
That I texted then and asked my mf questions and shit then took a fat nap.

The end~
M.o.t.s this bitch was short asf but I ain't know what to put
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