Paranam @narendramodi ji, I can't even imagine what you must be going through.

The time is complex, full of stones hurled at us. Some reach us, some keep away, perhaps for your standing.

But few those which have crossed you, reached people has hit them really bad this time.
You are the only hope. I have no shame in saying that it is the trust in you that still keeps me wake up each morning that the direction of tide would change.

But the complexity & magnitude of issues weakens faith of many.
Last I was only hurt when I was made to realize that "Shri Ram", my childhood hero, whom I would call to heal my every sickness, including the Measles.

All evidences which appeared empirical, made me only believe in non-existence of Shri Ram.
None can stop your faith to break, if you are wearing the cloak of Rationality.

Perhaps, this time again sees many things going around. Many seem to be losing faith in you @narendramodi ji. Rationality supports that disbelief.
Rationality at times also is an opinion based on limited evidences given to us, while the countering evidences are not appearing anytime in front of us.

Although the number of former must be way way larger.

Right now our Nation is going through churn.
The outputs are many. Few as poisonous as Halāhala though we eye for only Amruta.

None can touch the Halāhala, for those who get in touch are leaving the mortal realm, perhaps to be born as someone else. Or maybe born in some other body still being the same Atman.
The vidhi ka vidhan, what we call can't be outdone as we wait for the Avatara to finish the quest.

While the world is distributed into Dar-Ul-Harb and Dar-Ul-Islam, Infidels and Believers, Marxist & Non-Marxists as per other civilizations, we say Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.
But the Dharma also has to be protected. And know how complex the path of Shri Ram, what we call "Ramayana" itself was that got him to realize the "Ravana Vadh".

The Path of "Dharma" is complex, a sword fresh out of fabricator's "Bhatthi", sometime it goes unseen.
Here the attacks have come from multiple ends.

People would say, that @narendramodi , you have failed them.

Something the brigade of the Breaking India forces have been saying since two decades.
The forces of red, green & more, want to see you gone by the next term. The vultures have worked heart out to ensure that the faith of people breaks big & strong.

They would get angry, furious on you, but they too know that if BJP doesn't makes a comeback, its a period!
They have also worked hard to crack down the image of @myogiadityanath , who too was seen as another leader to have sailed us through.

Emotion does not care for the "action" for it too is action of "Vidhi ka Vidhan".

It will not take even a moment to destroy BJP in 2024.
The reinforcement of @BJP4India , karyakartas see a sense of betrayal.

It appears to them that ideology might not take care of their beloved ones.

The barbarians have caught the tide & none will be able to avoid if more disaster is part of "Vidhi ka Vidhan".
Now it is not about the trust of people like me, or or friends, but about the people who matter the most for the organisation like BJP.

The Karyakartas.

I don't know what would be the best way forward to get things in order, but now your move has to be seen @narendramodi ji
It is an important need of hour that you restore this trust sir.

Arjuna, was a great warrior but had chosen the path otherwise until Krishna wakes him up. Not that he did not wanted to stand for Dharma but "vidhi ka vidhan."
Maybe in Kaliyuga, Krishna would not come to narrate our way forward but maybe the whole group of people whom u lead has to seen as Krishna.

Coming back to the rest of world, they will attempt best to destroy us for the theological understanding too.
There would be people like Soros, constantly planning to break India down for various reasons inspired from many things taught since childhood & the cloud of aspirations to lead.

We did great by becoming the Pharma Giant. West was rattled &all media worked to show us as pyres.
I said initially that I had lost my childhood hero Shri Ram, for he appeared fictitious but all it was needed for me to get many other evidences to see him as the true living legend and not the fiction.
The narratives change, & one on side of truth would always win for truth has maximum buttresses.

@narendramodi ji, in all these harshness of times and so many tough times of your where you would be having many nights without sleeps, I have a humble request.
Just re look at the actions around in past three months or so. Something would appear bright.

Perhaps it might be needed for you look beyond @PMOIndia , & NaMo need to express himself.

The trust and faith of Nation is your power, way more than PMO.
PMO is the rational power, while you NaMO being faith of so many, power of soul.

I trust you more than any politician around.

But now Karyakartas need you and no mediator.
Dear @narendramodi ji, we did so well againt #COVID19 so far.

Today the system which was rusted since 74 years stands exposed but again, your instincts in form of everyone's faith also need to come in play.
India needs Narendra Damodar Das Modi in person this time more than PMO.

#SadarPranam NaMO!
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