One of our members, Assia Serrano, got relief under the Domestic Violence Survivors' Justice Act & released from prison "early" (after 15 years). But instead of giving her freedom, NY handed her right over to *ICE.*

Please help us fight to #FreeAssia: 1/x
To help us #FreeAssia—urge @NYGovCuomo to stop her deportation by granting Assia’s pardon!
-Sign the pardon petition at
-Use script+numbers here ( to call Cuomo
-Call the local ICE Office to demand they release her (info @ link) 2/x
After demanding her pardon & release, boost by using the sample tweets in the toolkit (

She's asked us to make some NOISE to help her fight for release. Using our collective power is the only path to #FreeAssia & #FreeThemAll. 3/x
Last: NY needs to END the practice of handing people over to ICE.

The toolkit has information about a pending law to #StopICETransfers in NY, the New York 4 All Act. When you're lighting up Cuomo's phone lines, make sure you let him know you expect him to support this Act. 4/4
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