Covid has fairly dramatically illustrated that "office culture" ensconces gender inequality and minority discrimination. But instead of using this as a learning opportunity, white CEOs seem desperate just to get everybody back to the office.
I kind of get it. For so many people, their work can't stand on its own. When women get to work on their own schedule, when Black people get to focus on the *tasks* and don't have to deal with Chad and Brad's hangups, they out-perform those people.
Getting back *to the office*, getting back into a position where the social costs of systemic inequality and racism can be directly leveraged against certain employees IS KEY for some people to reassert their dominance.
That it's all kind of massively inefficient and under utilizes women and minority employees DOESN'T MATTER to business.

People like to think business is driven by "the bottom line," but if that bottom line ain't white (and male), it ain't right for most institutions.
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