What Christianity is this that rejects ancestors?
Can't be the same Christianity borne of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the son of David, and and and and and, and the son of Abraham?

The one that comes from a clear recognition of lineage & reverence to all before and all after…? https://twitter.com/A_C_D_P/status/1390276559274188800
Matthew 1:1-17 in its detailing of the lineage of Jesus and his ancestor King David, is a clear ode to ancestors.

Throughout the very bible that ACDP wishes to instrumentalise, constant reference is made to Jesus as the 'son of David'.

David was 27 generations before him.
The C in ACDP stands for Chaotic.

It is very clearly a hate group that isn't even sure what it stands for other than occasionally lending their 2 votes to FF+ and cavorting with Angus Buchan.
[I'm not sure what the D stands for, since it's just Meshoe's pet project or whatever… so that letter is very clearly silent and/or repressed]
Considering Meshoe will rule that party from the grave, the AC*silent*P should really reconsider their stance on ancestors… 🤷🏾
Anyway, on the topic, for those that may not be aware, intercession is an integral part of Christianity (& most abrahamic & other religions).

The very idea that people long gone & transmuted into spiritual form, among other things, guide the living, is a key characteristic.
PS: If death was understood to be the end, then none of these religions would exist.
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