People like to pretend that Palestine is a polarising issue (much of it I blame on decades of misinformation, Zionist propaganda and the dehumanisation of Palestinians), but after years of seeing Israel bomb Palestinian boys on the beach, the attempts of ethnics and cultural
cleansing, to now seeing live on videos whats happening in Sheikh Jarrah where Israelis are literally moving into Palestinian homes that are occupied! I just don’t see what can be polarising about it. There is a reason why Mandela said we’re not free until Palestine is free,
because the conditions of apartheid in Palestine by Israel is indisputable. People pretended the conditions of South African apartheid were polarising and seeing history repeat itself is all too uncomfortable. What we have witnessed since the very creation of the white paper of
1939 that planned this is settler colonialism, ethnic cleansing and apartheid. You can not witness the decades of sheer degradation and humiliation of a people and think there are two sides, there just isn’t. From causing Gaza to be an open air prison, annexing more Palestinian
land, and even treating the Palestinian citizens in Israel as 3rd class citizens! There is nothing that should be unclear about this. So I say that to say this, please, if you think you are a friend or someone who follows my page and in any capacity don’t support Palestine or
believe in Palestinian liberation please unfollow me. This isn’t a “why haven’t you spoken about this yet”, because I don’t think you can berate people into caring (nor should that ever be praxis). There is no more debates to be had, if you are in favour of apartheid fuck off
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