💌 from Gulf with love to Mew — a thread
from the beginning he knew

Gulf : he will protect me
Mew : really? I will protect you?
Gulf : yes, absolutely!
even if Gulf had a late night event and was far away he still made it on time before Mew's birthday was over and surprised him with a salmon cake 🎂 (salmon is Mew's favorite food)
the next day Mew and Gulf both went to do merit, however Gulf said he had to leave early bcs it's P'Grace's birthday. Mew looked a bit sad BUT SURPRISE! Gulf actually surprised Mew again with a cake 💕
remember when Gulf made that little clay elephant all by himself and surprised Mew by gifting it to him? :(
"even after 10 years, I am still his Nong"
"I'll always be here and wait to see P'Mew"
"I want to stay with you and have a good companionship with you forever"
when Gulf dedicated the song "you dont have to know what kind of relationship we have" just for his P'Mew 😳
another song Gulf gave to Mew was "thank you for loving me" and the lyrics 🥺
Gulf sent a bouquet of white roses to Mew on the day MSS officially started it's studio work, he's always so supportive 🥺
when Gulf gifted Mew the prince bunny and sent it as an encouragement for Mew as he was performing on his own that day 🥺
Gulf gifted the biggest rose bouquet to Mew at the press conference for his first single Season of You 🌹
and the reason why he specifically gifted roses was :

Gulf : red roses symbolise love

"Whose love?"

Gulf : mine ☺
even if Gulf had a schedule that day, he did not forget to send Mew a bouquet once again congratulating Mew on his new single Nan Na 🌸
Gulf : you're an angel, you're an angel!

Mew : *speechless*
Mew : h-

Gulf : HANDSOME 😤❤

Mew : 🧍🏻‍♂️
Gulf singing "I love you 24hrs" to his P'Mew 🥰
Gulf : I rarely say this bcs I'm not a romantic person so I will take this chance to say I love you na krub ❤
ngl I was so into the feels while making this thread ☀️🌻
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