Madam centre allocated 490 initially and could.not provide 490 itself for next 7 days before threat of contempt, centre takes moee than 1L crore as income tax from delhi and gives delhi govt 300 crore instead of 40% as delhi is a uT 1/n
Just few days ago lg changed health secretary of.delhi in mid of the pandemic obviously without keeping delhi govt in loop , nearly 2/3rd of beds in delhi are under centre and mcd , yet centre refuses to conver central govt hosp to dedicated covid facility @pratyasharath 2/n
Centre clearly stated in court that delhi can not arrange oxygen by other means , it has to be controlled by us , delhi govt should arrange tankers , how is delhi gonna arrange tankers when no state want to share it rn ? @pratyasharath 3/n
For 4 days 4 tankers of.oxygen meant for delhi were hold up by rajasthan govt, tok threat of contempt for them to release despite mr mehta claiming that no such thing will happen @pratyasharath 4/n
Delhi govt has shown incompetence of highest order when it comes to black marketing of cylinders/ambulance cost/remdevisir etc but LMO is entirely on central govt @pratyasharath 5/n
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