we have been in this weird flux state for the last four or so months where everything sucks absolute shit in an okay way, like markets, where you can still gain from said time/experience, but the music will either stop abruptly and SWHTF, oor, it'll sharply shittier in intensity.
i couldn't begin to describe this in human terms for you guys, but it is like everything is frozen, and it is not a good thing.

aggregate markets have not been trading like they normally do, and i mean nothing about price discovery.

the way the assets are trading is stark diff.
I've still been printing among the markets i've been managing outside of some personal retard decisions, it is not that you cannot make money, nor that you can stop making money if we either stop abruptly and rvtvrn, or if we are to increase this hidden sense layer exponentially.
there are many many unknowns that are going on currently, and not happy yay market setup unknowns.

like scary, impacts your life unknowns, all while this subversion fog layer persists in strength.
it's not the lindy concept of stuck culture, that has been going on for many a year/decade.

it's that everything is incredibly sick and something in the last few mo. have made it incredibly worse than it was.
it's like in a horror movie where something is incredibly wrong, but the entire town is drop-dead quiet, until someone shrieks at the top of their lungs.
Governments managing to choke out most all of their populace through absolutely unnecessary regulations which destroy the small business, the economy, the health.

Abject corruption that has always been, but veil is lifting significantly every day, and becoming much more blatant.
Places like Canada blatantly testing how far they can push the humilation rituals on a government level.

Organizations like the EU blatantly testing how far they can push the humilation rituals of forcing citizens to consume mealworms.

Then the whole vaccine propaganda angle.
These things, if you had an ounce of common sense in ya, were going to become commonplace regardless of the WRIDS.

These were obvious ten and absolutely blatantly obvious five years ago.

These things are incredibly dangerous, but aren't even cracking into what I'm referencing.
la la, drag race kids, la la, legalizing non-consensual lack of disclosure of transferrable auto-immune diseases, la la, anything about races.

it is just white noise, with the prior topics being instruments playing in the orchestra.
Blatant manipulation to fuck retail investors via hard-limiting retail brokerage accounts from doing anything, mask (?) mandates, hard travel suspensions, las pasaportes, opiates.

All without any sort of regulatory penalty or even oops! apology.
Mass hard corporate censorship of individuals, objective degradation of supplement quality, seed oils, faux meat.

All without any sort of regulatory penalty or even oops! apology.
Many of these things have been occuring for decades, some only a month or two ago.

I could give you a 100 tweet thread of 240 char a pop, but that is pointless and redundant unless you know nothing about anything, in which case, continue w/the porn or the anime or the dr. shows.
Everything on that list affects you and your hopefully future family, even if you pretend it doesn't, but again, it is instruments playing and they are much louder a la crescendo than they were half a year ago.
Maybe it's the israelis manipulating U.S political, financial, and cultural public policy in order to amass control of the system for whatever ends they seek.

Maybe it's the chinese attempting to subvert la democracia, so they can come in and take out the U.S. systematically.
I couldn't care less about who it is, whether it's reptilians or gay alien shit.

I care about why has it never been this frozen before, ever in my brief stint of life.

It hasn't been like this ever, not 2016, not 2012, not 2008, not 2020 during the pandemic
My guess is either some lame ass (consolidation of powers) is trying to subvert everything and force subservience because why not, 50% say less go, thus owning anything and everything.

Or we're about to hit the AJ breakaway civilization event wall at 120mph.
But I couldn't even care about what my guesses are.

I'm prolly right on both, but it does not matter.

I do not enjoy this current reality flux state, and I need to figure out in which direction this is going to break, whether directionally or systematically.
hurr ofc the indices are manipulated and they're probably going to drop vertically very Soon™, then go to highs we cannot visually imagine per medium thread prior

hurr ofc there is mass blatant subversion, things are getting worse in every aspect, and most people just consume
hurr ofc a lot of people are gonna die from something very Soon™

hurr ofc governments will objectively get worse from this point on sharply because people are pussy losers (2020 Gen. Election)
I wonder if the only time in human history that time has felt like this in the flux reality sense were the prior 20s.

That is the only thing it points to.

hurr ofc the 1920s were better than 2020s, despite whatever advancements/societal improvements
I don't have a script nor do I have anything in drafts or notes or prior concept theses for this thread, these are flying out the brain stem with zero research.
As I dictated to reality in the prior medium thread, inflation gets retahded (24% money supply print global in 2020, lol), and people quit their jobs to trade funny money markets (fast food places running out of employees), and things get progressively worse generalmente (above).
People do the job quits to do the mahkets, the general populace gets more retahded, economy worsens dramatically, quality of everything degrades at the rate of money supply print +- gen. realization about the funny money, but indices push retahded highs because all above.
Dualities in the flux state realities.
¿Por qué no los dos?

All of the above were blatantly obvious to me to occur, hence prior longform thread, and all COVID did (not precast in thread) was accelerate the process to prove me dead right within a calendar.
The thing is, I really don't have much on a take for the coming future at the moment.

Velocity of money is accelerating as we can all see (into everything and out of everything), I like the dogs.
Despite velocity of money accelerating, I think it would be best to keep at least some semblance of non-market-related liquidity, whether it be cash, metals (lmao), or account balances (not advisable if shit is really to HTF).

That part would be up to you to determine for self.
I wouldn't buy VIX calls unless it was funny, nor would I net-short anything unless it was a God-sent technical setup to match environmentals, but you need to realize all of this, the stocks, and the cryptos, could collapse tomorrow.

And they may.
Don't hedge markets, but invest in yourself, your life, your quality, your people.

This is the ONLY way to beat Them, whoever they may be.

This is the only way to hedge anything really, but it is doubly triply important now in this awful fog.
If you are up a retahded amount of money in this bustling retahded fake n gae market environment, pull some to cash and then spend it on things.

Or keep it in cash/equivalents until you have something to spend it on.

Cash is King, Cash is Liquidity in any form.
Buy some important things, try not to over-spend, but quality is 🔑.

Start a hobby, learn how to source things like food and supplements and things you put in your body and on your body that aren't going to lower your quality of life but destroy it (likely case in any of above).
All of the supplements you are buying are probably shit-ass quality, even if you bought them stock, and not only will they harm you, they'll likely directly work against whatever you seek to gain from them.

As with food, as with water(!), as with products, as with oils/fruits++.
Most likely, your hair products are directly causing you hair loss.
Most likely, your teeth products are directly causing you tooth decay.
Most likely, your face products are directly causing
I could go on.

If you use vegetable oils or PUFAs @ all, you willl die early, pour out.
Your awful diet, your awful sleep schedule, your awful consumption (of anything) is causing you abject issues in numerous sectors of your life.

Two of the main targeted sectors is your hormonal system, and your gut flora digestive system.
They're pushing sex hormones on children, they're poisoning you, and they're giving you the worst food imaginable.
If you are stressed out constantly, chronically, and your sleep schedule is awful (cacheboi tweeting at 01:37), you will have an elevated cortisol level, and that is an objective stress hormone.
If you have an elevated cortisol level, you will have an elevated estrogen system, and if your cortisol is awful, your hormones will be destroyed into an estrogenic-dominant state, which leads to more stress, which leads, to you dying as an effeminate stressed out person.
You need to solve that issue immediately, and the best option is not what doctors push on you ((is it ever?) it is not), which would be TRT stuff.

But you need to make sure your hormones are in check or you will die every day until your death, and then it'll be a soft one.
Testosterone count down exponentially throughout the decades, and it is everything mentioned above and radiation and microplastics, try to fade your exposure.
If you want a clear example of cortisol/stress/hormonal system, mentally ill people inject themselves with estrogen, which they think will help them switch genders, when all it does is push their hairline back and then off themselves, I don't need to try to prove that to ya.
Digestive system!
Your gut flora is smarter than your brain, you need to treat your gut like it is holy, because it is.

Despite brain damage/mental illness/propagandization, your brain is still pretty smart, but you can still be awful w decision making and life choices.
What is never ever wrong?
Your gut instinct, the biological objective decision maker in your stummy.

Evolution has given humanity this gift, and they disrespect it every chance they get.
If you feed your gut flora garbage and literally in most cases kill it off completely, you will receive back instinctual signals at the same quality as is the state of your stomach.

You need to respect yourself in gen., but deeper to the point where your gut flora is above you.
Avoid plastics, seed oils, radiation, journalists, over-exposure, threats to your integral systems, and invest in yourself.

All that time you're "bored" or "depressed", learn about shit like quality and your own body systems and your health and improve yourself.
Stay safe out there and do not let the flux state immobilize you or take you out.

Do something about it, do things for yourself and others that are more than necessary.
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