there was an article today about how NHL GM's mostly agree with the job Parros has done. it reminded me of a similar article from back in 2009, posted by the nhl itself, titled "NHL GMs see no need for hit-to-head penalty"
what is interesting about this article is the players themselves wanted change, but the nhl gm's wouldn't budge
“Burke agreed. While he knows the players will continue to argue for changes, he, for one, is not prepared to listen.

"There's some responsibility on the players themselves, They can bring that fight if they want. There's no appetite for it in this group. None. Zero."
the OHL had, at the time, instated a zero tolerance hit to the head rule a few years prior players were open to seeing in the nhl. Burke feared that would "take hitting out of the game." Brian Burke was notably also GM at the time of the T. Bertuzzi
- S. Moore incident
this is old news to many, but I also know there's a lot of people who have only gotten into hockey in the past 3, 4, 5 years who followed me, or like me, were really young when this happened.
one last thing - a year after the article I mention at the top of this thread was written, the matt cooke hit on marc savard would happen, where cooke would receive no discipline despite public outcry and ruining savard's life because there was no real rule against it
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