Because I’ve seen this in multiple places today: Shaming people for surrendering pets to the shelter accomplishes nothing other than making you feel self-righteous and superior.
Most surrenders are not about being ‘frivolous’ and I could tell you some heartbreaking stories about people forced to surrender beloved pets. You don’t know the stories of people and animals, you don’t know the nuance, and you should keep your trap shut.
Shaming people who surrender their pets works as advertised: It SHAMES people into being too scared to ask for help, and into making bad decisions.
If you actually give a fuck about animal welfare, try: volunteering at your shelter; helping with/donating to programs that work to keep pets and people together; participating in landlord/property manager education re:pets…
…contributing to affordable veterinary clinics; getting involved in local TNR; literally anything other than making smug comments about how people who surrender their pets are trash.
You might be feeling pretty high and mighty right now but someday it could be you who needs help, is one vet bill away from homelessness, is being abused by a partner who is threatening your pets, is being forced into a nursing home, is being harassed by a landlord.
In conclusion: The best outcome is what is best for the animal. Sometimes that is also a hard outcome. Don’t make it harder by being a dick to people making difficult choices.
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