For all the Haters that said our liberated 200 Acres of Land in the mountains 🏔 didn’t have rich soil! Feast your eyes 👀 on a close up baby gurl! (Take your time! Soil been tested hunty 😉) 💁🏾
Our God, Ancestors and Colonized community have blessed us with this piece of our Mother 🌍 ! Speaking against Blessings will only offer you the worst Karma!
Also for those that say we couldn’t have bought 200 Acres of land, for less than 1 Million Dollars! You might want to check with a Real-estate Agency 🤡
Did you forget Amerikkka is going through a GREAT DEPRESSION?! Therefore land is selling for RECORD CHEAP right now!
Shout out to our Black real estate agent, who has Impeccable bargaining skills!
Lastly to those that say living in the mountains is impossible!? Black people have lived in the mountains with no problem ask the Maroons in Jamaica! 🇯🇲Brown people have lived in the mountains ask the Mapuche people of Chile!
Asian people have lived in the Mountains ask the people of Nepal! Colonized people can live anywhere on Earth sweetie 🌏, Because Our Mother Earth LOVES US! So stop hating and get you some Land and Help our people to be self governing! ✌🏾

Land is POWER! 😉
P.s. I am sorry to our supporters that we even have to respond to these haters! We love our supporters! We see y’all! And appreciate our supporters so much!
Thank you 🙏🏾 Land Back!

Commander-In-Chief GAZI
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