Saw a tweet implying it's hypocritical that many who complained about how demeaning and unfair the #CucukMYAZ registration was are also the same people who signed up and have been vaccinated or will soon be vaccinated.

Let me talk about that. This is long and angry, sorry.
I signed up for #CucukMYAZ and I'm glad I got a slot. However, I and many others - in the immediate aftermath of securing our slots - complained about the system and tweeted that it didn't feel right or fair.

Are we hypocrites for complaining? I'm biased, but still: no.
The best vaccine is the one your can get soonest. The PICK program is built in such a way that no one knows when or where their vaccine slot will be until they actually get the call up. I'm not a senior, frontliner, or a person at high-risk. I knew my slot wasn't coming soon.
I don't expect to get the vaccine before someone like, say, my parents. That doesn't mean I or anyone in my situation don't deserve a chance at getting the vaccine.

Case numbers are now 2-3k+ DAILY. The sooner we can vaccinate more people, the better.
There's a whole segment of the population that is not senior, not frontliner and not high-risk, but who still potentially expose themselves to COVID simply by doing things like going to work or going to buy necessities.

Should we have just left our fates to chance?
So yes, when the registration for #CucukMYAZ came up, we signed up.

Was the system not optionally executed? Yes. The worst was having the staging site on the live site address a mere hour before go-live. That was just WTF.
The IC field didn't have a function built in to prevent under-18 registrants from going through.

The slot choice field occasionally didn't load.

Many people couldn't complete their submissions unless they picked a specific location, even if it was the furthest one for them.
And yes, it was open only to people in KL and Selangor.

So, to get #CucukMYAZ, a person would need:
- a device to access the internet
- a stable internet connection
- know-how to navigate the website
- to be in KL/Sgor
- to be able to get to the PPV on the date of their slot
That immediately locks out A LOT of people.

So yes, there were complaints, and some of those complaints came from the very people who signed up.

Those two events - signing up, and criticising how the #CucukMYAZ system was executed - are not mutually exclusive.
Those of us who managed to secure #CucukMYAZ slots can feel both glad that we got the slots and sad/angry that equal access to the same opportunity is not granted for all.

I should add: we aren't paying our way to the front of the queue. We just moved to a different queue.
So, to loop back to the start of this thread: no, it is NOT hypocritical to express fair criticism on a less-than-ideal system while still using that system. You think we should all just pakat mogok #CucukMYAZ is it? We should all just pasrah that we'll either get PICK or COVID?
I can guarantee 100% that every single person who managed to get a #CucukMYAZ slot AND still complained about the system has the exact same core reason for complaining: they want the system to be better so everyone who wants the AZ vaccine gets a fair shot at getting it.
If you really want to get mad at someone for pandemic-related reasons, go get mad at SOP flaunters and cruel employers. Sekian.

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