#Thread : 4 Major strategic victories for Bharat.

Amidst the pandemic crisis, Bharat has secured four major strategic victories in 14 days in 4 different sectors. Our government is working day in and day out to strengthen the global position of Bharat.
On 23 April 2021, the Reserve bank of India imposed restrictions on the American expressing banking Corp or Amex. This decision was taken when the RBI realised that Amex was flouting the rules and was adamant about not storing financial data in Bharat.
Many countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Sweden have already banned Huwaei. But, the decision taken by India will surely hurt the Chinese firm more as this market is as big as China's.

3rd Win: Bharat and the European Union will resume stalled free-trade talks during the India-EU(European Union) leaders meeting on 8 May. The two sides will resume the talks after eight years, and pick up from where they had left.
(6/10) https://www.livemint.com/news/india/india-eu-to-resume-free-trade-talks-11620307800384.html
If an agreement is reached, it will not only benefit India on a large scale but it will also pull away the European union from CHINA. EU leaders are completely in favour of India.

4th Win: Bharat has been at forefront of producing vaccines during this pandemic crisis. But it has also pursued America in the lifting of patent protections to help produce more vaccines globally.
The global position of India is getting stronger day by day. Amidst Pandemic these four strategic wins in four different sectors have shown how national interest can be upheld even in times of adversity.
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