Today was a rough, more than most. The website Natural News called on their followers to contact me, providing contact info phones emails, comparing me to Mengele sending image after image of Nuremberg. Then Sharyl Attkisson endorsed it on her website. This was my 1st email today
I provide this info only to keep you informed about about the evolution of the antivaccine antiscience movement in America. I think it might be helpful to some.
And in case others are under attack, I understand how demoralizing this can be, and remind you are not alone. This is a dark period in American 🇺🇸 life but it will pass
If a grad student in social science would like the emails for an article or paper there are many interesting ones to pick from
Feel free to go the Natural News or Atikisson websites I can barely look, but maybe there’s useful info
Even though rationally you know they have a political agenda and they use your name for nefarious purposes it can still mess with your head
Even after all these years
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