1. Never forget Kalief Browder. He was imprisoned for 3 years WITHOUT trial in Riker’s Island, as a teenager, for allegedly stealing a book bag. 2 of those years were in solitary confinement. His parents tried to get him out, but he was denied bail despite being a teenager.
2. As we watch the news and hear stories about men like Josh Duggar who was arrested for the federal crime having in his possession, a multitude of photos and videos of children being sexually assaulted as young as 13 months being released on bail; understand the dynamics.
3. Never forget. The system devours young black boys while at the same time it defends white men who seek to devour boys. The need to defend, enable, & support white [male] supremacy is built into the DNA of our country’s legal system. And white America remains unbothered.
4. And never forget, the white “evangelical” church has served as the chaplain of white supremacy since colonial America. White supremacy not merely a social construct of power; it is a theological enterprise.
5. Sorry, I thought I mentioned it, but Kalief died by suicide shortly after being released from prison. He was 16 when arrested, and was sent to one of the worse prisons in our country; where the most hardened criminals are. He was beaten & abused in prison as well.
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