I think about what the outcomes will mean.

If a secret vote fails to oust Cheney, it means the Republican leadership is a bunch of sniveling spineless cowards who know Trump is a liar but won't do what's right.

If she is ousted, the party will become even more extremist. https://twitter.com/gillen_matthew/status/1390465070145150978
I don't think there will be a big turning point over this, either way.

As a practical matter, if leaders go along with a Big Lie and cover for insurrectionists, it doesn't really matter if they're doing so because they're cowards or true believers. https://twitter.com/gillen_matthew/status/1390472922859454469
If she is strategizing, then she's definitely playing a long game.

I say "if she's strategizing," because it could also just come from integrity. There is a line she won't cross. https://twitter.com/rvaux16/status/1390474869918212100
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