1.5M futile COVID deaths in the West.
They compare to 18k in the Asia-Pacific region.
Who will be accountable?
Those who apologize for Western countries say: We had it so much harder here. Did we?

For every disadvantage the West had, we can find countries in the East who did really well.

Sure, being an island and having a young population helps. But that doesn't determine the outcome
See? For example Indonesia and Philippines are similar in COVID advantages to countries like Vietnam, Thailand or Mongolia, except Id and PH were islands, yet did worse.

Also, Britain and Ireland are quite similar to countries liek Japan or South Korea, and yet here we are
So what drew the success of COVID then, if not lucky advantages? What about good management?
Where did the West fail? You can know by asking any infected person:
Did they immediately receive a call from contact tracers?
Did they collaborate with them?
Did they exhaustively go through all their contacts?
Did the tracers contact all the contacts within 24h?
Were the contacts cooperative?
Did they get a mandate to stay home?
Were they taken to an isolation facility?
Did an app, the police, or someone else check with them to make sure that they respected the isolation?
Were there mechanisms to penalize those who didn’t respect the isolations?
Was there a similar process for contacts, whereby these were mandated to stay home and their quarantine was monitored, enforced, and penalized if not respected?
So many things they simply did poorly
They replaced management with ineptitude.
Most of what we needed to know to battle COVID we knew by April 2020.

Instead, Western govs missed the exponential growth of the virus.
They missed that it was a pandemic, and declared its existence so late.
They thought the population wouldn’t respect a lockdown.
They toyed with natural herd immunity. Some, like Sweden and Brazil, embraced it.
They lied, saying masks were unnecessary.
And so much more
I go into the detail of all of this in this post:
I'll be posting 2 articles a week from now on, about COVID and non-COVID stuff.
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