really love hearing this talk from @WrayCharles and @GraceHuangMD

"how to publish when publishing isn't your thing"

start with self reflection!
publishing isn't only about research!
one option? perspectives, which can be more visible and more impactful than original research

@GraceHuangMD: they are "like OpEds for the professional audience"

formula: memorable title, apt metaphor, compelling tone

highly endorse the "12 tips" (or similar) publication venues!

I've published two myself, and it's a great way to get your expertise out there, esp in a novel niche, and feel creative
think outside the box, and seek out new category submission types:
* graphic medicine
* brief cases
* infographics
* some of these columns in @JHospMedicine which put spins on "traditional" publication categories

I LOVE this graphic!!

what a cool way to collate submission venues for a specific type of writing project such as humanities options

I bet it could work for other submission types, too, like case reports or clinical images!
greatly appreciate how advice is being given about non-peer reviewed options!!

it's better than nothing, &

@GraceHuangMD: "It's kind of like planting a flag in the sand in terms of your reputation and it may also grow collaborations and other forms of networking"
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