According to my distributor, the average original graphic novel in the US, right now, sells 700-750 copies.

I think that's a key piece of conversation missing from a lot of The Discourse.
Of course:
-Distro sales don't account for ALL GN sales. At all.
-Yes, there are GNs that sell in the millions, annually.
-No, this is not distinguishing between the output of arthouse boutique publishers and megacorps like Random House and Scholastic, it's all lumped together.
- And this is a release year figure, not including backlist sales in following years.

But still.

S t i l l .
In North America, comics is in a better place than it's been in in living memory. But we're still one tenth the size of prose.

That will absolutely change, the market share will absolutely grow. It's growing at a BLISTERING rate, already. But we're not there yet.
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