After a year of #Shielding I went out to vote in person tonight. I finish work at 6pm & my support worker leaves at 7pm we arrived at the poling station at about 6.15pm to a long queue - I knew I wouldn’t get to the front before she had to go 1/4
And as a Clinically Extremely Vulnerable person being in a busy queue didn’t feel safe. My PA went to explain & she was told we’d have to wait in line. As this would mean I couldn’t vote I went to talk to the team operating the poling station myself 2/4
On seeing me in my chair they started to ask people in the queue if I could go in front, everyone was cool & it was sorted quickly. Once it was OK I burst into tears! I was shocked by my own reaction. #Shielding’s meant a yr without the daily stresses of negotiating access 3/4
Ultimately it was all resolved but it was a shocking reminder of how hard & exposing advocating for yourself in public spaces can be. I also feel more support is needed to help identify & resolve barriers to voting. 4/4 #CripTheVote #AccessIsLove #CEV
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