One the most striking things about @davidmweissman’s story is how much his political transformation improved his mental & physical health, relationships & prospects in life.

It’s American pragmatism at its best: Worldviews take hold when they come with practical rewards.
In pragmatic terms, a sign of a short shelflife for current far-right views is that they’re highly inelegant (see: the gibberish of QAnon), risky & lawless (see: the Big Lie), and potentially deadly (see: anti-mask/vax).

Even if they’re initially exciting, they’re unsustainable
And, of course, it’s an enormous cognitive strain to believe and circulate lies.
When your head is full of aggravating nonsense, leading to alienation from dominant culture, you can expect mood disorders, breakups, family estrangement, addiction, debt, health issues, and time in hospitals, prison, and institutions.
You lose a lot of friends.

And sooner or later someone who might be drawn to your worldview says: It’s not really working for him. 🤔
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