Yet, Reagan was elected with 66 percent of the white vote. Either he delivered specifically for white people of all income levels or covert racial politics appealed to “Reagan Democrats.”
The story since 1968 seems to be that POC are the only working class people noticing that the GOP is kicking their asses. Meanwhile, white working class people whose unions Reagan gutted were all thank you sir can I have another.
Reagan, like Trump, gained power due to a white backlash against Black progress. The popular narrative is that the 70s sucked thanks to Carter, etc, but despite everything there was steady progress for Black people after the Civil Rights Act. Reagan slapped down on it.
Ford was able to hold off Reagan in 76. FORD!
But doesn’t Ford remind you of Romney, even McCain? Trump in 2016 was not that different from Reagan in 1980. Black people understand this.
It’s interesting to see Reagan satirized in the early 80s on SNL: He’s just a big dumb actor with some misogynistic digs about Nancy running the show while fucking Sinatra. Blacks people didn’t see him so comically.
Reagan also fully supported Goldwater in 1964. He arguably turned the GOP in the party of Goldwater and Ralph Reed. Ironically, Goldwater loathed the religious right.
It’s amazing how little we connect these dots. So now we are stunned that Trumpism endures in the GOP. Goldwater was humilIated but his conservatism endured more than Rockefeller’s
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