And we're live! SIEDN Chair @MiltTootoosis MC'ing our Indigenous Tourism Opportunities Forum, sponsored by @SKGov. Follow this thread for key insights. /1
First panel is a 'State of the Industry' roundtable moderated panel discussion:

-Teresa Ryder, Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada
-Mary Taylor Ash, CEO, Tourism Saskatchewan
-Jim Bence, President, Hospitality Saskatchewan /2
Saskatchewan has lost half of its tourism revenues during COVID, from $2 billion --> $1 billion. Concern is that we will lose operators, businesses and experiences. /3
On vaccination rates rising and the SK plan yesterday to reopen: "there is a sense that maybe we can save the summer".
Prospect of festivals being able to go on helped the industry "exhale". /4
Question arises about the possibility of creating a Saskatchewan-specific Indigenous tourism association and directory. Lots of other great models in other provinces and ITAC could support it. /7
One of the trends we are seeing with COVID is a preference for rural tourism - wide open spaces and fewer crowds which make people feel safer. This provides an opportunity for First Nations and Métis operators and experiences! /8
Over the conference lunch break, Chris Standing will be live at noon on the Wanuskewin Community Connections Facebook page, having a conversation with Tourism Saskatoon CEO Stephanie Clovechok. Everyone is welcome to join! 
How do communities address the issue of "selling our culture"? What is the line between sharing & selling traditional practices?
Ryder says this varies from nation to nation, based on comfort, history & the tourism experience in question. Needs to be respectful of protocols. /9
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