explaining the making process and storyline of Chromatica by Lady Gaga (A THREAD):
tw // suicidal thoughts

Gaga was in a very dark phase of her life when she made Chromatica. she was depressed and had suicidal thoughts everyday for a long time. she explained that once she started creating the album she was surprised by the fact that she could make songs that
sound so happy while she was miserable. she said that by the time the album was finished she had regained her happiness and that Chromatica had healed her.
tw // sexual assault and PTSD

as a contrast to the upbeat dance melody the album's lyrics touch very serious themes such as depression, sexual assault and PTSD, mental health, women empowerment and overcoming hard times in your life.
Gaga introduced Chromatica to us as this bright, colorful planet where everyone lives happily & celebrates themselves with Stupid Love, a song about someone who's overcome their insecurities and is looking for love. the music video features her dancing with the Chromatica tribes.
later Gaga released Rain On Me featuring Ariana Grande, a song about learning to overcome hard times and being grateful for being alive despite of your sadness. its music video is similar to Stupid Love, having Gaga and Ari dance along with the Chromatica tribes.
I won't explain 911 with many details as this thread would become too long and there have already been made threads explaining the whole video. it's a very complicated one with lots of hidden symbols, if you haven't watched it I recommend you do it.
Gaga released a music video for 911, a song about her journey with the medicine she had to take after going through a psychotic break.
in the video Gaga isn't on Chromatica anymore, but in a desert, blindfolded &laying next to a broken bike. further there's a man riding a horse.
she follows him into a small and colorful village-like place, where she is dancing as a man and a woman in the backgroud are "taking care" of her and other people doing weird actions such as a man beating his head into a pillow and a woman holding and mourning a mummy.
at the end of the video Gaga is shown crying and screaming as the man who stood by her side earlier stabs her chest with knife-like weapons.
then she wakes up. Gaga is in, let's say our world, the real world. she is in the middle of a street, a doctor and a medical care service worker are taking care of her. there has been a serious car crash.
an unconscious driver is laying on his airbag, a woman is holding and mourning her dead loved one. Gaga is histerically crying, explaining that she hadn't taken her pills, asking if anyone has died. there's a broken bike laying beside her; she caused the car crash.
then the realization hits.
Chromatica isn't a planet. it's the way Gaga's mind copied up with trauma. she replaced the horrifying memories with a bright and happy place. the car crash resembles her psychotic break and Chromatica is the way Gaga sees the world when she doesn't take her pills. the end.
I just wanna add this interesting fact @swnvex pointed out, further proving how genius Gaga is https://twitter.com/swnvex/status/1390352478676209668?s=19
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