HAPPENING NOW: Wisconsin GOP state legislators are voting to attack some of the most crucial, popular elements of @GovEvers’ budget. Follow the action here in this 🧵thread🧵
Here are some details of what they’re planning to cut:

During this ongoing pandemic, @GovEvers proposed providing tens of thousands of uninsured Wisconsinites with coverage—welcoming $1.6 billion(!) in federal dollars to WI—by expanding BadgerCare/Medicaid. The GOP's opposed.
Now, expanding healthcare would cover a huge middle-class tax cut or any other priorities, while helping 90,000 Wisconsinites struggling to access affordable healthcare.

GOP still against!
Democrat @RepGoyke shared just now how this is a "generational opportunity," while @RepGreta says expanding BadgerCare is "the right thing to do."

@StateSenLaTonya is now sharing her powerful story on how she did not have health insurance until she was elected to this office.
Gov Evers proposed to support Wisconsin’s most vulnerable by controlling prescription drug costs and establish a $50 copay cap on insulin and a new Prescription Drug Affordability Board.
When too many Wisconsin families experience financial burden due to skyrocketing prescription drug costs, the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee is voting to NOT tackle it.
UPDATE: the GOP-majority on Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee just nixed Dems' effort to expand BadgerCare/Medicaid.

Every Democrat voted in favor to expand. Every R: against.
Governor Evers proposed $10 million over the biennium for underserved communities and businesses, including minority and women-owned businesses. The Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee are voting to slash it by half.
It’s no secret that the economic devastation from the pandemic has hit hardest on underserved communities, especially in rural areas and cities; low-income families; and communities of color. Shame on the GOP for shredding the support they need.
Gov Evers proposed to raise the minimum wage to $10.15/hour by 2024. The WI Republicans are voting NO on investing in our workers, even as we continue to recover from the pandemic. Our economy is only as strong as our workforce. R legislators hurt workers. https://madison.com/wsj/7e625ebd-2165-5f0b-9e53-0f709cf8c270.html
Democrat State Senator @JonErpenbach is now talking about how @GovEvers spent time listening to folks across the state and how his budget proposals had overwhelming support from Wisconsinites: "It's not a wishlist. It's the people's budget."
Democrat State Rep Neubauer now talking about Wisconsinites drinking poisoned water.

Gov Evers proposed—for the first time in nearly a decade in our state—key administrative rules to address water contaminants like PFAS and nitrates, that have health and developmental effects.
The Republicans would rather not improve water quality for Wisconsinites than work with Gov Evers. The Joint Finance Committee is voting NO to clean water.
UPDATE: the Wisconsin Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee just voted to kill almost 400 times in Gov Evers’ budget proposal—and every Dem against removing.
More details on what Republicans are cutting: @GovEvers proposed to make investments in clean energy & promote energy efficiency by doubling the Focus on Energy utility contribution rate, generating $100 mill, helping low-income households with access to affordable, green energy.
Despite the fact that our energy use represents 57% of Wisconsin’s greenhouse gas emissions, the Republicans are refusing to improve the state’s energy production. Embarrassing.
Gov Evers proposed to invest in the UW System, to make college more affordable for Wisconsin residents. The Joint Finance Committee, dominated by GOP legislators, is leaving low-income students high and dry.
Republicans are cutting a new $39 mill tuition grant program and $5 mill to establish a new B.A. degree program for incarcerated individuals. Maintaining affordable public higher education is essential to our state’s post-pandemic economic recovery. Disgraceful.
The governor proposed almost $200 million in broadband expansion, as a catalyst for economic development, rural prosperity and community health across Wisconsin.
The Joint Finance Committee, dominated by Republicans, is cutting key provisions that would make it easier for municipalities to expand broadband in underserved communities—in the state that ranks 36th nationwide in terms of accessibility in rural areas.
Governor Evers has proposed to invest in people, not prisons. The GOP-led Joint Finance Committee is cutting the governor’s proposal to make it easier for criminal records to be expunged.
The Reps voted AGAINST $3.4 million in additional funding for Earned Release Program, which would allow WI’s prison population to be safely reduced in a way that ensures individuals in care receive the skills & treatment they need & maintain public safety. https://www.wispolitics.com/2021/dept-of-corrections-celebrates-reentry-week/
We need to and can transform our outdated juvenile justice system. Gov Evers proposed to stop charging 17-year olds as adults. Wisconsin is one of only 3 states that does this.

The Joint Finance Committee scrapped this proposal in the budget.
Gov Evers proposed to legalize and tax marijuana, much like we already do with alcohol—which will bring more than $165 mill to Wisconsin. The Rep-majority Joint Finance Committee voted to turn it down.
58% of the state supports marijuana legalization. The tax revenue could be reinvested in our communities.
Gov Evers’ #BadgerBounceback budget proposal reflects what the people of Wisconsin want. It addresses the big problems facing our state so that we can bounce back stronger than ever before.
The GOP-majority Wisconsin legislature continues to play political games and put special interests ahead of the people of Wisconsin.

It’s our turn to demand that they work with Gov Evers & Democrats to actually serve the people of Wisconsin. https://twitter.com/GovEvers/status/1390371267295989772
Find your state legislators and their contact information to let them know you support the Governor’s budget: https://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov/ 
Republican State Senator Howard Marklein and Assemblymember Mark Born are the leaders of the Joint Finance Committee.

If you live in their districts, be sure to tell them to stop ignoring the priorities of Wisconsin families. They need to hear from you. https://twitter.com/GovEvers/status/1390371269657378823
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