They stole the election in November. The focus then became "certification". Pence was offered more than 30 pieces of silver. He had been compromised for a long time so it was an easy decision for him, He had been betraying President Trump's Trust for years and was already
Morally compromised. So now Pence gets to run for president. He won't be attacked by the Dems at all. Lots of support lots of financing. And the Dems and their media machine are going to claim all of Trump's successes for Pence.
Funny how all of President Trump's successes and hard work are blamed by Bi-den as "negative" but Pence touts them as "positive" and the media never says a word.
They needed pants to go along with their plans on January 6th. If Trump remained in office there would be an
Investigation and their plans and the murder would be found out. Pence held the key for them at that point. And he made his deal.
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