The most iconic social media moment of 2020 may have been @OceanSprayInc's appearance in Nathan Apodaca's "Dreams." On this special peisode of The Business of Marketing, @Tom_Hayes unpacks this iconic moment and what's next for the brand. #SMWNYC 
We want to be able to speak to the current user, but at the same time meet younger consumers where they are—have Norman Rockwell be a part of our past while having Nathan be a part of our future, so to speak. @OceanSprayInc's @Tom_Hayes #SMWNYC
"We're having fun, creating positivity, and getting a lot of response back from consumers who are saying that 'you're creating this bright light in a tough time.' Creating positivity in a tough time has really propelled us forward."
@OceanSprayInc's @Tom_Hayes #SMWNYC
The hype surrounding Nathan's video resulted in social follower growth by 600% + 24 billion social media impressions

@OceanSprayInc's @Tom_Hayes #SMWNYC
People have to be always on in a 2D environment. It's important for people to have days off from this madness and to have flexibility around meetings. From a leadership perspective, it's about being more sensitive to this world we're in. @OceanSprayInc's @Tom_Hayes #SMWNYC
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