Pro Hero Ground Zero was on break from his midnight patrol when Kaminari turned into this live radio where the host reads letters of confessions that were rejected.

And when the host started with, "Dear Kacchan," Katsuki froze on his spot.

He never received a letter.
Dear Kacchan,

To be honest, I haven't sorted out what to say to you I just missed you so bad. I don't even know if I should miss you. Would it be too much if I tell you that I do miss you despite not being able to see or hear from each other for seven years now?
I did try to forget you by going on dates, meeting different people, traveling to different places but I only ended up missing you more. Wanting you more.

So, I stopped doing that

I thought if I stay busy, I would be fine. That I'll soon forget you but nothing goes as planned.
In the end, I always left with nothing but thoughts of you.

It was hard not to think of you when you fill the news. When your face is in every magazine. There's even one billboard in front of my window that has your face on it. Still, with the angry scowl I am so familiar with.
Sometimes I am tempted to message you and ask you stupid things like.

'How are you today?'

'What are you doing?'

'Did you get enough rest?'

'Do you still remember me?'

'Have you forgotten all about me?'

But in the end, I never had the courage to send you anything.
So, I decided to send this letter here and hope that somehow you'll be able to hear it. I am not sure if you will because I know you like sleeping early.

And if you do, I wrote this to tell you that I am finally letting you go.
It's funny cause you were never mine in the first place but I held you in my heart as if you own it and you are just lending me the whole thing.

But now, I am taking it back and I am letting you go.

You who had always been a hero to me. You whom I love since day one.
You who shone so bright and who had always been my image of victory.

People would probably tell me how I wasted so many years loving you and you probably think it was also stupid but I want to tell you that I regret nothing and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
But for now, let me be a little selfish. Let me choose myself.

And if one day we ran into each other, can you tell me that I did well. That I made it even when it was really, really hard.

I'll always cheer for you and hope for your happiness.

Till then,
"I thought they read letters of confessions that were rejected," Katsuki whispered, staring at his hot can of coffee. "Why does it feel like I was the one rejected huh, Deku."
Second part:
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