Republicans, in order to be successful, need to vehemently scrub the party of the W Bush R’s. GOP weakness is almost entirely premised on the W Bush model of compromise, soft talk and “turn the other cheek” mentality. This model has been an utter failure on every level…1/ ushered in Obama and the new American communist movement. Trump saw this trend and pushed back HARD…but without a sense of likability, unlike Reagan when he stopped the American communist insurgence in the late 70’s and 80’s 2/
Trump also made the mistake of calling this insurgence “socialism”….it’s not socialism. BLM and the Democrat Party are communists, who are temporarily beholden to our constitution...3/
They are not socialists in the political sense of the word, and calling them socialists is a complement amongst the elites and the “suburban white female” group. We are not dealing with liberals anymore…we are dealing with communist revolutionaries...4
Republicans MUST start calling Democrats what they are, and in no way compromise with Democrat communist ideology…like W Bush R’s have done for the past couple decades. - end
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