Oh, this is just in response to @Bareburger claiming they were "hacked" after being taken to task for claiming people were lazy libs who needed a good lay because they didn't want to slave for poverty wages. It's all over their Twitter. I'll link 'em, I ain't skeered, ha ha. https://twitter.com/MalphasWats/status/1390297857392001024
A curated selection from their Instagram meltdown:
Mmm yes, I am really aching to work for a company that holds me and any other potential hires in such naked contempt!!! Can't imagine why they're having issues with staffing!
Anyway, don't eat at Bareburger. They initially defended this shit (before moving on to claiming it was a 'hack') by calling it "cheeky."

No, the Wendy's Twitter is "cheeky." You're just a bigot asshole.
As for "But maybe these were the words of a lone franchisee, not the corporate head" defense? Corporate has rushed to defend them, lie for them, and try to suppress this ever happened. So they can ALL get in the bin. No exceptions. This is what they're choosing to protect.
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