A thread on ship/boat lifts. Starting with the prettiest — Falkirk Wheel, Scotland (2002)
The maddest — the Krasnoyarsk ship lift on the Yenisei River, the second largest in the world and the only one in Russia. Essentially a gigantic bath tub on rails, with a massive turntable at the top (1976-82).

The mother of them all — the Three Gorges Dam ship lift, opened in 2016. It can lift a 3000 tonne vessel to a height equivalent to a 40-storey building, in 10 minutes. Absolute unit.
The Strépy-Thieu boat lift in Belgium (2002) — the tallest in the world, until the Three Gorges Dam lift ship usurped the title. Consists of two independent counterweighted caissons, traveling vertically between the upstream and downstream sections
An oldie — the Scharnebeck twin ship lift in Germany, built in 1974. Still 5th largest in the world. Still looks amazing.
This handsome giant is the Niederfinow Boat Lift (1934), the oldest working boat lift in Germany - for now. A new and more powerful lift, the Niederfinow Nord, is under development nearby. Go ride it while you can.
The Peterborough Lift Lock in Canada, built in 1904. For many years its dual lifts were the highest hydraulic boat lifts in the world. Needs no external power, functioning by gravity alone using the counterweight principle.
On the other side of the hill from Strépy-Thieu is the gorgeous Ronquières Inclined Plane, built in 1968, with its extraordinary 1.4km long ramp. Also, best control towers — no contest.
By popular demand: the Anderton boat lift, England (1875). Was actually declared structurally unsound and closed in 1983. Re-opened to boat traffic in March 2002 after a £7million restoration. Totally worth it.
Ending the thread with a few more images of the above mentioned Three Gorges Dam Ship Lift, the largest and most sophisticated in the world (and likely to stay so for some time).
Couple of videos here if you'd like to see more

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