regarding the age matter, i am 18. i was born in 2002 and i wouldn't mind if anyone would like proof (in DM). few days/weeks ago, i found out that, in my case, i only turn 19 once i reach my birthday. from where i live, i am already considered 19 and i introduce myself as a 19
year old on the first days of classes in college (i also wouldn't mind providing proof for this as i believe it's how the international age works, if I'm not mistaken). i did not lie about being 18 to make the age gap closer to my minor moots; penn, in this particular matter.
it's purely out of confusion.
the height case where i said I'm 162cm / 165cm is again, purely out of confusion. i just couldn't remember. but, i am 162cm according to my last hospital checkup. I'm not lying about both of these matters. i am 18 and i am 162cm.
i sincerely apologize to everyone but mostly directed to my minor moots as I've appeared predatory. i didn't mean to. I've never had any sexual intent or grooming intent towards penn or anyone. please know that I'll be learning and reflecting on my mistakes and become a better
person. I'm really sorry.
to anyone concerned, i won't be in contact with penn and anyone from edtwt/shtwt anymore. this is because i believe it's the best thing to do now for everyone, and i also will be focusing on recovery.
please DM me if you have any more questions. after, I'll log out of this account as I've caused a lot of hassle/hurt/confusion. i won't deactivate as the action would delete this apology thread (if I'm not mistaken) and to allow people to unfollow. i apologize if
my words aren't very well-phrased here but I'm genuine. I'm really sorry.
thank you.
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