We are delighted to announce the winners (there are two!) of the 'Ill Met by Moonlight' flash fiction competition, @_M_Hausmann and @summer_moth. #GothicFairies #OGOMCon2021
@_M_Hausmann's piece was a darkly, seductive poem.

'At night she sometimes calls to me
and beckons me to have a taste
Of her intoxicating majesty
I answer her with breathless haste (1/2)
Once my lips feel her first kiss
I’m lost in her sweet crimson deep
My dreams – a bow’r of bliss
In her red-robed arms of sleep.' (2/)
@summer_moth's tale reminded the OGOM Crew of Christina Rossetti's 'Goblin Market'.

'We are not little men, impish revellers, dwarven hunters. We are the knot in the tree trunk, the crooked root bursting from the earthen bank. We are the rocky walls of a mountain path. (1/2)
In the air. In the glen. Up and down, up and down, we see you.' (2/2)
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