An overview and some perspective on $OMI

- Has $OMI sold off more than most (including myself) expected? Yes.

- Is the team performing? Are the fundamentals getting stronger? Yes.

- Do markets tend to overreact both to the upside and to the downside? Yes.

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$OMI's YTD performance peak was a cool 64,346%

$OMI YTD performance (as of last 30 minutes ago) is about 24,397%

The reason I bring up the astronomically high YTD peak and actual performance of $OMI is because it puts things into perspective.

No matter what the market, no matter what the project, there is always a deep correction that makes people feel very, very uncomfortable.

Markets have a tendency to overreact in both directions
I bet when $OMI was rocketing higher in March many of you felt as if it was never going to stop going up. I also bet that the same people are the ones who are currently feeling like $OMI is never going to stop going down

Don't allow your emotions to become correlated to price action. Always view things through an objective lens as emotions in trading just cloud your judgement


With that out of the way, below are the two scenarios I see playing out.

This is my base case scenario

I believe the low was put in yesterday on the sharp sell off down to a low of ~$0.00415

I see price consolidating around $0.0051 and then breaking higher


This is the second scenario I see happening but assigning a much lower probability to it occurring

Another sharp leg lower down to the support level at $0.0034 followed by a very aggressive move back higher


Could I be completely wrong here? Of course! All I am trying to do is stack the probabilities in my favour

Onward and upward #ECOMIFam

Below is my POT (Proof of Trade)


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