A high level state VHP delegation today meet the @maha_governor shri @BSKoshyari and submited a memorandum to stop atrocities on Hindus in #WestBengal thru the @rashtrapatibhvn & GoI.
The new @MamataOfficial Government headed by @jdhankhar1 sud ensure safety of hindus and Stern action against the attacker #tmcgoons & Jihadists immediately. Compensation should also be awarded to the victim families for the loss of life & property.
The attacks on Hindus are still continued in #WestBengal today. After #tmcgoons & #Jihadists, Now state police initiated a drive to frame false cases against the victims who raised their voice by posting true pics & videos to save themselves. हिन्दू कहाँ जाए?
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