Thank you to all who told me about the telegram channel and BMC handle and slot opening time..

Jay Shri Ram...
Cowin Slots open around 18:30 to 20:30 for next day.. they remain open for 1-2 minutes.. Cowin server hangs every now and then..

keep trying is the key... One gets lucky.. do nor limit yourself to your own district if you have your own vehicle..
I was searching for slots in Mumbai-Thane-Palghar-Raigad-Nashik-Pune districts. Got lucky near Kalyan, Thane. 50 Km from my home in MMR. But then what the heck!!
Special shout out to @Kunalraj2k and @SrinathNagella for hinting at the time of 19:30..

@BertyThomas runs a TG channel. He updates the slot-opening times for various cities.

Folks in MMR - regularly check @mybmc for slot opening times within Mumbai city proper.
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